about Oie jewelry
Liz Oie has been designing unique jewelry for 10 years.
Although Oie jewelry can usually be found in the most upscale boutiques, from time to time you will see it at a celebrity studded fund raiser or silent auction. The flattering designs often catch the eye of fashion editors from major newspapers and magazines. Oie has been commissioned by the NFL to create unique jewelry for the coaches' wives. This past year a custom necklace design was chosen as the annual gift to the female corporate sponsors for The Minnesota Vikings.
Oie's fashion forward designs are always elegant and timeless.
Each piece is hand made by Oie with attention to detail and quality. Only fine quality gem stones and precious metals are used in creating each one-of-a-kind piece. One carefully chosen piece can transform your favorite jeans and tee shirt from ordinary to head turning. While a classic, elegant piece has the ability to complete your stunning transformation for evening when paired with a glamorous gown. Even as those in the lime light have started to scoop up Oie's signature pieces, no one piece is ever mass produced.
Each piece is as unique as the woman who wears it.
Sometimes when a stone is cut a little rough it's true beauty is accentuated. Oie likes to give traditional stones and pearls a contemporary feel by pairing them with leather or combining them in a way that is fresh and beautiful. When designing a piece of jewelry, proportion is key to creating something that will stand out and flatter the woman who wears it. There are as many different body types and personalities as there are gorgeous women in the world.